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Responsible Use of

Artificial Intelligence

In and of itself, using computers to turn words into a visual form is not inherently evil.

The problems with AI, as with most anything, start when humans choose to abuse the technology. For example, if you use AI to copy an artist's style in a way that denies them income they otherwise would have earned or deceive your audience into thinking your creation is anything other than AI-generated art (especially if you're spreading lies and disinformation, such as deepfaking), your actions are immoral, and you deserve to be called out for them!

That being said, I personally use AI as an adjunct to my other mediums, such as giving me inspiration when I don't know exactly what I want and creating bases I can modify and improve on. In addition, fighting the AI has improved my descriptive writing abilities, because even with a top-notch service you need to describe in great detail every little aspect of what you want the computer to generate... and even then the generations are hilariously broken half the time, so you can learn useful image editing skills fixing them.

Finally, before anyone asks - I've put this on my site because honesty and transparency are incredibly important to me. You absolutely have the right to disagree with my stance on and use of artificial intelligence, but the last thing I want anyone saying about me or my brand is that I'm deceptive or otherwise dishonest.

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