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About Kittyglyph

Kittyglyph Studios was born as a collaboration between myself and my fiancée, Rachel. Developing an AAA indie game was our ultimate goal, alongside having an outlet to share our various creative talents with the world. Tragically, Rachel gained her angel wings far too soon, leaving me to pick up the pieces and carry the torch of our vision in her memory. The red in the Kittyglyph logo's eyes represent her, as she is still my inspiration and guiding force from beyond the veil.

As for me? I go by Kitty, pronouns she/her, and I see myself as just another twentysomething artist trying to share her creations and bring as much love and light into the world as she can! Music and family are my world, and when I'm not singing or bothering my loved ones I'm filling my brain with knowledge (historical technology/retro computing, manmade disasters, and anything related to medicine are my top three subjects) or wasting my life away playing Sims 2. My special interests and hyperfixations tend to work their way into my art, and they can change regularly, so you never know what random, obscure information you'll find in my work! 

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